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Notes on [Burstall1977]

  • Laws. Well expressed as known properties about the objects. Associativity, commutativity, etc..

    1. i + j — Does not commute on strings, but it does associate.
    2. A * M — Commutes if A is a scalar and M a matrix, but does not commute if both are matrices. It associates for scalars and matrices alike being mixed.

    In xotl.ql, this kind of information can be only provided by isinstance() inside a query expression, or by the object model (known only to the translator).

Notes on [MCQL]

  • Catamorphims. They express the property of the spine transformers as:

    (z; +) ⋅ cata n c  =  cata z +

    being + the general list-appending (or set/multiset member inclusion).

    This means that if we can prove cata a catamorphim, we can optimize by applying it to results.