Known issues

At release 0.3.0

  • Pypy support is not complete. Expressions like (x for x in this if not p(x) or z(x) or not h(x)) fail to be recognized.

  • `~xotl.ql.core.this`:object: may be hidden from the xotl.ql.revenge machinery by ‘enclosing’ it inside a function:

    ((i, obj) for i, obj in enumerate(this))

    This is because the generator only ‘sees’ the result of calling enumerate(this) and cannot reach the this within.

    Our current solution path is to enclose the entire query inside a lambda:

    lambda: ((i, obj) for i, obj in enumerate(this))

    Alternatively we may choose to explicitly make the universe an argument:

    lambda this: ((i, obj) for i, obj in enumerate(this))

    The second approach will make our query testable in pure Python code, and if we succeed in translation, it will also work in production. However, it will require annotations of the arguments.