A pythonic query language

This package provides tools to implement query languages in python. The query language is based on Python’s generator expression. A query in this language looks like this:

>>> from xotl.ql.core import get_query_object, this

>>> query = get_query_object(
...    child
...    for parent in this
...    if parent.children and parent.age > 32
...    for child in parent.children
...    if child.age < 6
... )

The result of the get_query_object callable is a query object that “describes” at the syntactical level the query expression above.

What’s new in 0.3.1.dev20170210?

What does xotl mean?

The word “xotl” is a Nahuatl word that means foundation, base. The xotl package comprises the foundation for building reliable systems, frameworks, and libraries. It also provides an object model that allows to build complex systems.

It is expected that xotl will use xotl.ql to:

  • Express predicates defining object relationships
  • Query the object store (of course!)
  • Update the object store.